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Sciatica affects many adults, but what most people don’t realize is that sciatica isn’t actually a disease unto itself. Sciatica, rather than a particular disease, is actually a label for a collection of symptoms. Sciatica refers to a pain that affects your lower body—from your lower back to your calf. Sufferers of Sciatica tend to feel a burning or a tingling pain, usually in the mid-region of their body. Many pregnant woman complain of sciatica. The pain is usually worse in the night when the sufferer is trying to sleep. Thus, the person will spend the night switching from one uncomfortable position to another, losing much sleep. Sciatica doesn’t just affect the masses at night, however. These symptoms can take hold of a person at any time of the day. It is common for there to be excess pain when sitting down, which also causes the sufferer to switch from one position to another in order to find some comfort. Unfortunately, it is during these long states of immobility that trigger the symptoms, but those symptoms can also become much more striking if the person tries to fix themselves with quick actions or bending.

Many people will try to hold out before coming to a chiropractor for help, but losing sleep from your symptoms will only cause extra stress to the mind and body. It is important to see a professional right away. Since sciatica refers to a series of symptoms, often the cause is difficult to pinpoint. Instead of sidestepping the problem with pain pills, a person should visit a chiropractic doctor to help release him/herself from the pain. Dr. Nektalov will sit with you in a comfortable environment as you explain the exact pain you are feeling, where that pain is located, during what time of the day you feel this pain, and what your daily activities consist of. Dr. Nektalov will use this information and, in combination with his vast knowledge of the body and the spine, will be able to uncover the source of the burning or pins and needles sensation in your lower back, hips, buttocks, or legs.

The sufferer need not fear treatment. Sciatica can be mediated with a conservative approach that is fast-working. Dr. Nektalov can help realign the spine, while also giving special attention to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In no time, the sufferer will be out of his/her discomfort and pain. Dr. Nektalov helps treat patients affected by sciatica, but he also wishes to focus on prevention. It is important to remember to support your back whenever possible—not just in bed, but at work as well. This can be accomplished with something as simple as a pillow. Also, remember to promote regular mobility with at least moderate exercise. Lastly, remember to stretch. Stay healthy, but if the pain does hit, Dr. Nektalov is here to help.


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