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The sciatic nerve is the center of sciatic pain. It is the longest nerve in the human body. It stretches all the way from the lower back, through the buttocks, down the legs, and finally ends at the feet. The nerve flushes on either side of the lower spine. In fact, it is the bond between the muscles in your lower limbs and the spinal cord. Thus, when there is pressure on this nerve, it can affect a person greatly. Usually the pain forms a line down one leg to the foot, tumbling down the road of the sciatic nerve. Very often a person will feel a pressure on this nerve in the form of numbness. Sometimes it is worse. Sometimes the muscle is actually weakened by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Sometimes a person will experience muscle spasms. Pregnant women are especially prone to sciatic nerve pain because as a baby flourishes and grows in the womb, it directly affects the sciatic nerve.

The reason one may experience pressure on this nerve can vary. It is important to see a professional chiropractic doctor about sciatic nerve pain symptoms because only a qualified doctor can tell with certainty if the pain is a reaction to muscle issues, poor spinal alignment, out of place spinal disks, or actual nerve damage. Usually, there is a constriction of the nerve in the area of the lower spine (either irritating the area, or causing swelling, or both), resulting in much pain. It is important to seek treatment right away if a person feels he/she is suffering from sciatic nerve pain, as ignoring such a serious problem, or using pain pills as a substitute for real care, can actually result in long-term nerve damage. However, if a sufferer of sciatic nerve pain seeks chiropractic help early enough, the treatment can be conservative and fast-acting.

Dr. Nektalov will do all he can to help you with your sciatic nerve pain. He will ask you about the specifics of the pain and also about your daily activities. He will apply his great knowledge of the the human body to your specific lifestyle and pain and find out what exactly is causing the pressure on the sciatic nerve. Then, he will use the holistic and noninvasive approach of chiropractic therapy to get you back to feeling comfortable in your own skin.

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