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Knee pain is prevalent in New York City. With all the stairs and walking, it is hard to give your knees a rest. On the plus side, it is great for exercise, but it also means an excessive amount of stress on your knees. Sometimes knee pain is the result of an accident, and sometimes it has to do with the constant repetition of your daily activities that slowly wear down your knees. Athletes are especially prone to knee pain, as they tend to over-utilize the joints and ligaments in their knees. Also, if one does not pay attention to posture, he/she may experience knee pain in time. It is also the case that a person may be overweight and subsequently experience knee pain. Sometimes knee pain is the result of overcompensating for a pain in another part of the body. These are only some of the ways that knee pain may come about. 

Knee pain can occur in the front, back, or sides of the knee, and all point to very different issues. Knee pain may occur when taking a morning jog in Central Park, walking to the subway station, treading up the stairs to the office, or even sitting down at your desk. Perhaps it is not only pain you are experiencing. Perhaps you have a case of weak knees, or perhaps you feel unstable on your feet. Some people experience a stiffness in their knees, thereby cutting off their knee flexibility. Sounds, too, may accompany knee pain. You may hear a faint pop or click. Sometimes it may sound as if body parts are grinding up against one another. 

Dr. Nektalov offers a few words of advice for avoiding knee pain. First, exercise to maintain a weight that will not be too harsh on the knees. Make sure you stretch pre and post exercise to keep those knees limber. Also, you may want to think about trading exercises like running, which is hard on the knees, to the stationary bike, which is built to allow the knees less strain. If knee pain still comes around to plague you, Dr. Nektalov is here to help. It is important that you do not put off treatment. Your knees carry the weight of your body, and when they are out of whack, your balance may suffer. A little knee pain now might return as a chronic pain later. It’s best to stop the pain as soon as it begins before the condition worsens. You never know what damage you may be doing to your cartilage, tissues, tendons, ligaments, or muscles when you put treatment off.

Dr. Nektalov has a strong understanding of the musculoskeletal system. He knows the knees, their muscles, and their ligaments inside and out. He understands how the knee is connected to the rest of your body and the actions and reactions that can occur when something goes wrong. Dr. Nektalov can zero in on the cause of your knee pain by looking at your lifestyle and when and where you experience that knee pain.

With chiropractic therapy, he will improve your alignment, strengthen your muscles, and secure your balance. In addition, if you are recovering from a knee surgery, Dr. Nektalov will work closely with your surgeon to make sure you receive the best therapy and treatment possible. With Dr. Nektalov, soon you will be walking on air. 

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