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We use our hips in basically every one of our daily functions. Our hips help us when we work out, when we take a breezy walk around the neighborhood, and even when we sit down to rest. Because our hips play an integral part in both active and nonactive activities, people who lead especially physical lives and people who do a lot of desk work can both be plagued by hip pain. Hip pain can be present 24-hours of the day. Depending on your daily activities, hip pain can plague you when you are strolling or just standing up. Sometimes the pain may become so bad the sufferer must limp. Other times, the hip may become so tender that movement is constricted. At its worst, the pain may even throw muscles into spasms. It is also true that hip pain may not stop at the hip. Sometimes that pain travels outwards to the buttocks, the pelvis, the thigh, or the groin. 

Hip pain occurs more often than not because of hip injury. Hip joint wear and tear from daily routines can also play a large role. The musculoskeletal system can be hard to read, and it is important to get the advice of a professional like Dr. Nektalov to be sure you get proper treatment. The femur and the pelvis must meet without obstacle for the hip to function properly. When this does not happen, a person experiences great pain. It may be a problem with the hip stabilizer muscles or with simple mobility.

Whatever the case, Dr. Nektalov will get to the root of the cause (whether it is a lower back issue, a spinal disk alignment problem, sciatica, or even hernia) and use his expert chiropractic skills to alleviate your pain. The problem may be spinal, it may be related to soft-tissue, or it may be an issue with your muscles—only a trained expert will know. With Nektalov Family Chiropractic, you will get all the attention you really need to solve your complicated hip problem. 

As always, Nektalov Family Chiropractic urges prevention. If you spend a lot of time at a desk, be sure to get a chair with proper hip support. Also, it is important to stand up to move and stretch when working at the computer. Stretching is the key word. Stretch not only when sitting, but also before working out or being active. Lastly, eat right so that excessive weight does not hinder hip performance. If hip pain is still prevalent, visit Dr. Nektalov. As a trusted chiropractor, he has the ability to help you strengthen your muscles and optimize your hip mobility. He will evaluate your spinal alignment and use corrective treatment when necessary.

Dr. Nektalov will do all he can to find the root of your hip pain and have you running, walking, and sitting without pain. 

Visit a professional at Nektalov Family Chiropractic and give yourself some relief. 


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