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Herniated disks of the spine can be scary. You may have a herniated disk if you experience ache, discomfort, tingling, or soreness in your back or legs. Another telltale sign is a feeling of infirmity in your back and lower region. Sometimes the pain or debility may be so bad that you find you cannot go on with your regular activities. The pain is especially severe when the herniated disk is pressing on a nerve. In fact, herniated disks sometimes cause sciatica because a herniated disk can put pressure on the sciatic nerve. Herniated disks are usually begotten from a back or spine injury. The elderly tend to fall victim to such suffering because as people get older, spinal disks become depleted of lubrication.

The spine is central to the body. It needs protection and help—that is what spinal disks provide. When the spine is hit, it is these disks that receive the shock, resulting is less pressure on the actual spine. These spinal disks also keep the back limber and flexible. When something goes wrong, a disk may crack or bulge out of line. Because, it is hard to tell if you do, in fact, have a herniated disk, it is advisable to get it checked out right away, so proper treatment can take place. 

There is no way to 100 percent avoid a herniated disk, but you can minimize the risk. Make sure you only lift things you can really carry, and when you do lift them, be sure to lift them in a way that doesn’t put strain on your back. As always, eat right and work out. In fact, if you exercise your back muscles, you can better your chances of avoiding excess harm that a herniated disk can cause. 

If, despite these prevention techniques, you still find yourself straddled with a herniated disk, all is not lost. There are simple ways to lessen the pain. Inflammation can be mitigated with the help of ice or heating pads. You should implement a regiment of one of these for fifteen minutes every two hours. Otherwise, medication may also help. Many people think that the only thing one must do when one has a herniated disk is rest, but, actually, too much rest can make the damage worse. A person should rest, but only a limited amount of time, otherwise those back muscles will lose strength. Therefore, a little activity is good. Although these are all good steps to take, you should not only rely on at home remedies. A herniated disk is a big deal, and it takes a professional to combat it.

If caught soon enough, Dr. Nektalov can use the noninvasive, nonsurgical, science of chiropractic therapy to heal you. This process can take anywhere from one month to a half a year, but it is possible. At Nektalov Family Chiropractic, you are in capable hands. 

Visit a professional at Nektalov Family Chiropractic and give yourself some relief. 


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