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Types of Headaches

Headaches are experienced by most of the adult population. However, there are many different kinds of headaches. The type of headache one is suffering from will determine the symptoms, length, and treatment of the head pain.

The most common type of headaches are are tension headaches. This kind of headache will feel like there is a tightening around a person’s head. Chronic tension headaches occur over long periods of time. They are usually accompanied by a kind of throbbing pain.

There are also cluster headaches. A cluster headache will center around a particular side of a person’s head, many times concentrating around one eye. These headaches can be intensely painful. The reason they are called cluster headaches is because they afflict a person in clusters. A sufferer of cluster headaches will experience a series of these headaches and then go weeks, months, or even years without them. Then, the series will begin again. They are reoccurring and can hurt very much.

Lastly, migraine headaches can be long-lasting. They usually induce a form of nausea. It is common for a person to avoid light and sound when suffering from a migraine, as these things can affect a person greatly at this time. Migraines can sometimes last for days on end.

When such pain is affecting a person’s very head, it goes without saying that headaches can seriously disrupt a person’s life, both at work and play. After all, who can think about typing or heading out for a fun day in the park when there is a throbbing around your eyes and temples, or a severe tension around your neck and shoulders? Fortunately, there are chiropractors like Dr. Nektalov and the professionals at Nektalov Family Chiropractic that can help relieve your headache and tension without relying on pain medication. They will provide actual relief by looking to the source of your headache.

How We Overcome Headaches

There are many things in life that create headaches. If a person is experiencing a lot of stress in their personal or professional life, it might result in a headache. If you have changing levels of blood sugar, you may experience a headache. Sometimes headaches are products of the environment. You may end up with a headache because of a particular noise. It may be because you are unable to get a decent amount of sleep. Whatever the external problem, what happens in your body is that blood vessels and nerves experience certain issues that trigger chemicals, resulting in swelling and severe discomfort.

Some ways to avoid headache attacks are to limit your consecutive computer time. Get up and stretch every once in a while, and don’t let the computer screen get the better of you. Keep in mind your posture, and try not to stoop at your desk. Give your body all the help it needs: eat better, drink lots of water, and sleep well and long—or, at least, long enough. It is also a good idea to limit your tension and stress by stretching your shoulder and neck muscles, as well as by practicing Pilates, yoga, or meditation..

Sometimes, though, no matter what you do, the headaches will come. To help you battle the pain, Dr. Nektalov uses chiropractic therapy. Many times, tension will creep from your back, to your shoulders, up your neck, and finally into your head. Dr. Nektalov will stop this tension at its source. He will identify the soft tissue that is experiencing the most pain and use noninvasive therapy to work out the tension. He can reduce the swelling and help get your blood circulation back on track. At Nektalov Family Chiropractic, professionals will use their expert knowledge and techniques to rid you of your pesky and painful headaches.


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