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According to studies, one recently conducted by Gallup-Healthways, over 30% of Americans experience back or neck pain. Back pain is especially rampant. What is so terrible about back pain is that it cannot be isolated from your life. The pain follows you from the bed to your job, and even to life’s enjoyments. Perhaps you feel achey or burning. Or maybe what you’re feeling is a sharper pain. You may even experience a numbing absence of feeling.

Back pain varies from person to person. Everyone has their own journey with it. Some deal with it all their lives, others come into contact with it after an accident. Many people experience back pain after long years of the same routine or athletic activity, so wear and tear begins to take a toll on the body. You may have trouble lifting objects, walking, or even sitting at your desk chair.

There are many variations of back pain, and Dr. Nektalov has the knowledge and experience to diagnose your specific issue and help your toward a healthier daily life, free of pain.

The body is a machine and, like a car, when one part of it is malfunctioning or is knocked out of place, the entire machine is affected. Dr. Nektalov can find that disgruntled ligament, tendon, joint or muscle and heal it with the safe, holistic approach of chiropractic therapy.

Through stretching, balancing, and correction, Dr. Nektalov will get to the source of your discomfort. Common conditions his patients have are Acute Low Back Pain (ALBP)/Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP), muscle injuries (such as strains, sprains, and spasms), pinched nerves, Arthritis, Lower Cross Syndrome (the result of poor posture), and spinal conditions (like Scoliosis or herniated discs). However your pain has come about; whatever condition you may have; whether the pain is your lower back, mid back, or even up to your neck; Dr. Nektalov will do all he can to banish it.

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