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At Nektalov Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy it’s not one method that fits all. One of our puzzles of treating muscular-skeletal conditions is Physiotherapeutic treatment system, which uses isometric and other exercises to strengthen or lengthen asymmetrical muscles in an abnormal spinal curvature and injuries. Designing individual treatment programs for every patient addressing the structural issues contributing to the pain/dysfunction. Plan of care may incorporate, but not limited to heat, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, soft tissue mobilization techniques to reduce inflammation & muscle spasm & safe therapeutic exercises to help restore function, increase strength, improve mobility & normal range of motion & relieve pain in patients with disabilities from illness, injuries or disease.

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Our therapist, Racquel Abitona offer one-on-one, personal attention in private treatment rooms. We work with our patients in a fully-equipped environment, in addition to using manual therapy and hands-on techniques to assist with their rehabilitation. The certified and highly trained Integrated Spine & Pain therapists specialize in several key rehabilitation areas to offer an adverse selection of programs to our patients.

Physical therapy helps in restoring mobility and motion which is essential in a patients' quality of life. Whether it is an everyday task such as emptying the dishwasher, a sports activity like golf, or an essential activity such as performing their job, a physical therapist can help patient experience improved mobility and function. Physical therapists also help prevent injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. 



Physical therapy can offer an alternative to surgery. Considering conservative options to surgery is a hallmark of good care. Physical therapy is one of these options for many individuals. In cases where surgery is needed, physical therapists can enhance the outcome both before and after surgery. Additionally, for those individuals whose health conditions prevent surgery from being an option, physical therapists can be invaluable in helping them improve or maintain the quality of their lives.

Physical therapy can help patients control or manage pain, reducing the need for long-term use of medication.

Overall Wellness and Relaxation

Massage Therapy is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue and joint dysfunction and pain. Massage can help restore flexibility and range of motion as well as increase overall wellness and relaxation.

Your treatment plan may include a variety of tested and proven Physical Therapy techniques, including:

  • Examination
  • History
  • Tests and Measures
  • Diagnosis / PT Impression
  • Prognosis & Plan of Care

The use of ultrasonic waves for therapeutic purposes which can be applied locally with a sound head for arthritic joints, stiffness, bursitis, tendinitis and chronic pain. Sound waves are absorbed in the tissues creating local heat, micro-massage, anti-inflammatory effect.

The therapeutic use of electrical energy to decrease/eliminate pain, improve muscular response, improve tissue regeneration. Procedures include TENS, Electrical stimulation, Interferential Frequency.

Uses light energy (photons) for therapeutic purposes to speed up the healing process. Demonstrated to have multitude of clinical benefits, including pain relief from minor muscular and joint aches, pain/stiffness from arthritis, relaxing muscle spasms and increase local blood circulation.

Evidenced-based effect on strength, flexibility, power, bone-density, post-training recovery, muscle excitability, increase blood flow, decrease cortisol, balance improvement, Gait training, neuromuscular reeducation.

Physical activity program that involves the client undertaking voluntary muscle contraction and/or body movement with the aim of relieving symptoms, improving function or improving, retaining or slowing deterioration of health.  From Range of motion exercises to Progressive Resistive exercises.

Balance exercises intended for normal imbalance and unsteadiness with age, inactivity and disuse. Most falls in the elderly is caused by poor balance and is the number one reason for emergency hospital visits in the elderly.

Skilled, specific hands-on techniques including but not limited to mobilization/manipulation to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures for the purpose of modulating pain; increasing range of motion (ROM); reducing or eliminating soft tissue tightness.

Technique applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused muscles, and to facilitate muscles in movement. Because Kinesio Tape is a non-restrictive, highly elastic type of tape, it allows for full range of motion and function, unlike traditional sports tape.

Type of physical therapy that can help improve your ability to walk. It is recommended to help you recover from an injury or illness. Physical therapist may ask you to walk for strength training exercises, or do other activities.

Usually performed on 4th week of physical therapy to evaluate progress, meeting the goals or modifying goals and plan of care if need be to achieve maximum functional potential of the patient.

Patients are given home instructions of activities/exercises to perform at home for faster restoration of function.

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