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Unfortunately people find out about their herniated disc in the back for the first time is when they pull or lift something very simple. Not realizing that herniated disc has been developing there for years without having any symptoms of pain. Simply lifting their child can complete a full blown herniated disc in the back, which can be so painful that some people drop on their knees, unable to hold themselves due to pain. This is exact reason it is recommended to get a spinal checkup and x-rays to make sure nothing is cooking in your back.

At out office we utilize digital x-ray, which can catch every little think in the spine. Even though x-rays cannot show the disc itself, but it will show the disc space and if there is bony degeneration which is sign of disc degeneration in the spine. At that point we will refer to MRI to confirm disc herniation. Catching it at early stage has a better chance in recovering.

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