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Pinched nerve can be very painful symptom in one of spinal conditions. If you are having pain in your neck and back that is sharp, tingling, numbness, burning and shooting pain down the arm or leg, it is most likely a pinched nerve that is coming from the spine. It often starts because of too much pressure by surrounding tissues – such as bones, muscles or tendons. What can cause it?

  1. Poor posture
  2. Poor night sleep
  3. Long duration of sitting at a computer or driving
  4. Lifting heavy objects
  5. Reaching above the head

Most people start off with over the counter medication, which is simply pain management and covering up the problem. Often leads to more dangerous, invasive medical intervention.

At our Total Chiropractic Wellness Center, patients do not just come for pain relief but seek for the root cause of the pinched nerve, so that we can treat damaged areas for complete healing that lasts a lifetime. Most often this includes a full spinal evaluation, posture scan, muscle testing, orthopedic evaluation and x-rays using state of the art technology to determine the exact location of the pinched nerve.

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