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How can I tell if my child has spinal Imbalances?

Just as it is important that you have your children’s teeth checked by a dentist, it is also important to have their spine checked regularly for proper development. Use the following list to check for spinal imbalances:

  1. Have your child bend over with arms dangling forward. When you run your hand over his or her spine, does it curve from side to side?
  2. Look at your child from the rear, does one shoulder blade stick out or appear to be higher than the other?
  3. When looking at your child from the rear, is one ear higher than the other?
  4. Does your child’s back appear to be humped or rounded?
  5. Do your child’s clothes fit properly; are hems and waistbands of skirts or pants even?

These “home evaluations” are just a few indicators why your child may need chiropractic care. Please find a doctor of Chiropractic, and have your baby checked as early as possible. Many potentially serious spinal disorders may be caught early and possibly prevented like Scoliosis.

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