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Migraine Headaches

Over 37 million people are suffering from constant migraine headaches in America. A study has showed since 1980s the number of people with migraine headaches rose by 60%. Almost 5 million of people in America experience at least one migraine headache per week.

  • 91% miss work or cannot function normally during migraine headache
  • 70% of all migraine headache sufferers are women
  • 69% have consulted a medical physician at some time seeking treatment
  • Over 50% have one or more migraine headaches weekly
  • Over 50% missed family or social events

Migraine headaches cause losses into the millions when people start missing work. Over 90% are using over the counter pain killers to treat their migraine headaches, not realizing that the cause of the migraine headache is not lack of pain killers in their blood stream.

If you are suffering from migraine headache, please get your cervical spine check as soon as possible. Studies show that loss of cervical curve is direct correlation with migraine headaches. Getting x-rays of the neck will show exactly where the problem is coming and how long it’s been there.

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