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car_accident_2_by_garri69-d4p0urkOne of devastating experience in personal injury is being involved in car accident. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), over 30 million personal injuries occur throughout the U.S. each year, which NCHS considers injuries to be serious health problems.

According to the NCHS, annually in the US there are:

  • 162,000 injury related death
  • 1,903,000 injury related hospital discharges
  • 29,529,000 injury related emergency room visits
  • 31,128,000 injury related doctor visits

Unfortunately over 50% of people develop chronic pain and suffer for many years. The reason is because over 80% of all people that were involved in car accident are just seeking for pain relief and not correcting the problem that is causing the pain. Number one result of all rear end collision is whiplash injury, which weakens the neck. In its most simple form, whiplash is this: the occupant’s torso is accelerated in one direction, while the head is going in the opposite direction. In between the head and the torso is the neck, and it’s not surprising that most of the injury takes place in the ligaments that hold the vertebrae together.

Over 100 years Chiropractic has been gold standard treatment for all muscular skeletal injuries. Chiropractors diagnose and evaluate the entire spine and other joints that might have been affected. Careful treatment by a chiropractor can give quicker relief that most other methods of treatment, in case of whiplash injury.

What to expect from first chiropractic visit? Full spinal posture evaluation, spinal orthopedic and neurological examination, spinal x-ray evaluation and if needed spinal MRI, followed by report of findings. The success stories of chiropractic in the treatment of whiplash injuries are well evident by several research studies. Chiropractic care has always been proven to be highly effective with higher success rates than its conventional counterparts.

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