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Adjusting Infants? Certainly!

Most hospital births include unnecessary trauma. The routine procedures of technological birth (anesthesia, maternal position, a fearful environment) all contribute to increase in complications and often result in invasive, traumatic births. As we are seeing in the US, the startling rise in c-section deliveries is a good indication that these routing procedures are not leading to safer more natural births but rather to the practice of more invasive, unnatural procedures. Infant and maternal mortality rates are rising, not declining. Technology is not necessarily providing safer care.

A c-section delivery has as much, if not more, trauma than a vaginal birth. The pull force on the baby’s head and neck during the c-section may be considerably greater than a regular vaginal birth because the uterine muscles of the mother are not assisting the delivery process. Most moms who have had a c-section describe a pulling and tugging sensation as the baby was being taken out of the belly. This pulling (which sometimes even lifts the mother from the table) is the amount of force that is pulling on the baby’s fragile spine. Pulling, stretching, twisting the baby’s spine during delivery is known to cause nerve system stress. Mechanical devices such as forceps and vacuum contribute excessive stresses to the baby’s cranium, spine and nerve system.

It is my suggestion for you to find a Doctor of Chiropractic in your area who cares for infants. I believe all babies should be checked by a qualified chiropractor right after birth, especially s-section babies who may need additional cranial care. Also, for the future pregnancies, you may want to get under regular chiropractic care as well it will help restore normal biomechanical function to your pelvis throughout pregnancy and facilitate a safer, easier birth in the future.

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